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          Selong Electric Co., Ltd. reminds everyone: welcome to summer with lightning protection

          Date:2020-08-12 13:24:32 Views:1360

          The season is about to turn into midsummer, and it will also be a thunderstorm season. With the thunderstorm season, the use of electrical appliances and signal equipment, we should timely prevent the disasters caused by lightning and do a good job of lightning protection.

          Lightning disaster is around
          With the rapid development of urban economy, the harm caused by lightning invasion is increasing greatly, which is almost everywhere.

          The invasion of lightning wave and induced lightning
          In today's information age, the factory machinery and equipment, computer network and communication equipment are more and more sophisticated, and the requirements of their working environment are also higher and higher. The lightning and the instantaneous overvoltage of large electrical equipment will more and more frequently invade the indoor machine room machines, electrical equipment and network equipment through power supply, antenna, radio signal transceiver equipment and other lines, causing damage to the equipment or components If it is bad, casualties will occur, the data transmitted or stored will be interfered or lost, even the electronic equipment will be misoperated or temporarily paralyzed, the system will be stopped, the data transmission will be interrupted, and the local area network and even the wide area network will be damaged. Its harm is shocking, the indirect loss is generally far greater than the direct economic loss. It is particularly important to formulate and improve lightning protection measures and work plan in advance.

          Lightning protection should start with details
          According to the analysis of the situation over the years, lightning disasters happen almost every year, which may cause property loss, even cause death directly. There are two main reasons: one is that the installation of lightning protection facilities is not paid enough attention to. In addition, residents damage the lightning protection devices without authorization in the process of house decoration, which is also easy to cause lightning accidents. In addition, if the lightning protection equipment is damaged for a long time, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

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