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          SLX1 series power lightning protection box

          kinds of function

          1) voltage limiting type or switch port design.
          2) comply with T1 or T2 test conditions.
          3) overheated inside device and over-current protection .
          4) has a device with indicating working state ,has alarm function for lack of phase and earth connection and failure of lighting protection.
          5) alarm contact, realize function of remote communication.
          6) intelligent recording lightning and surge frequency, convenient for statistics, analysis and assessment of risk.
          7) SPD modular structure design, convenient for maintenance.
          8) lightning protection box adopts design of three prevention, suitable for different installation environment.

          name schedule

          technical prarmeters

          rated operational voltage Uopv(V) 220(1N50Hz)   
          Maximum continuous operating voltage Ucpv(V) 385
          Nominal discharge current In(kA)) 20
          Maximum discharge current Imax(kA)) 40
          impact current limp(kA)
          Rated load current IL(A)
          protection mood L/N-PE

          Voltage protection level Up(kV)

          Lightning counter can be chosen
          Remote control alarm yes
          protection class of body IP50

          connection method

          Structure diagram

          working principle


          Installation: confirm those issues before installation:

          1、inspection system is connected to the single-phase or three-phase configuration, and ensure that the rated voltage protection marked rated voltage of a system and the nameplate match.
          2、the reference line connection graph (see Figure)
          3、before the installation of surge protection device, turn off the power.
          4、surge protector does not contain a direction components, can be reversed or inclined. In order to facilitate the reading on the shell, lightning protection box can be rotated 180 degrees. Forbidden to open the shell, in order to avoid damaging the indicating lamp and a circuit board.
          5、check casing screw, ensure that have been tightened, because the transport process may cause loose.
          6、installation wiring and parts wiring: of surge protective device installation should use wires as short as possible. The wire should be tied together, in order to reduce the inductance.
          7、surge protector of L terminal phase respectively in the corresponding connecting; surge protection N terminal device and the corresponding line connected; ground surge protection PE terminal is connected with the corresponding. Error connecting to cause a surge protector damage and danger".


          can be designed and made according to clients' special requiremnets

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