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          T1 BY2-BC-25surge protector

          kinds of dunction


          1) switch type design, integrated structure, conforms to the T1 test conditions.
          2) three pieces and four pieces of combination, achieve common mode protection mode.
          3) high level protection, strong freewheeling breaking ability, large flow capacity.
          4) standard 35mm track design, convenient installation.

          name schedule

          Product parameters

          rated operational voltage Uopv(V) 220~690(3N50Hz)
          Maximum continuous operating voltage Ucpv(V) 255       400
          quantity of electric charge Q(As) 12.5
          Nominal discharge current In(kA)) 100(8/20μs)
          Maximum discharge current Imax(kA) 200(8/20μs)
          The impact of discharge current Iimp(kA) 25(10/350μs)
          Voltage protection level Up(kV) <1.5
          combination 3+0        4+0

          local indiction

          capcity of connection 6~35mm2
          protection class of body IP20 
          material PA66
          Flame retardant grade comply with UL94V-0

          connection method

          structure diagram

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